Bringing out the best in children is achieved not only through good processes and systems but by high expectations, innovation and creativity.

The Drama Hut is a leading provider of curriculum-based drama workshops in primary schools today. We believe passionately that children and teachers should have access to creative learning opportunities as part of a broader education. Government cuts have seen enrichment activities outside of the classroom reduced significantly over the years, with many schools now unable to fund, or staff, school trips, traditionally a well trodden path to enhance learning of curriculum subjects. Teachers are under increasing pressure to be ‘all things’ to the children they are educating, often with little access to support from outside partnerships and government.

The Drama Hut provides affordable support for teachers and schools, keen to go the extra mile in engaging children in curriculum subjects in a creative and interactive way.  We come to you, so all we need on the day, is a school hall and the presence of a member of staff for our visit, making us an easy and convenient option for schools. On average a Drama Hut workshop experience costs less than £5 per child*. When comparing this to the cost of a school trip, the benefits are clear.  The advantages for the children, actively participating in a subject in this way are immense. Through drama, children are able to truly experience a subject. Our workshops are enjoyed by all children alike, and we have had particular success with boys, where concentration in the classroom can be an issue, as well as dyslexic and SEN children, who engage well with the very physical nature of our sessions. For schools, benefits outside of ‘cost’ include:

The number of hours saved by us visiting the school directly.
Enhanced learning:
Children return to their classrooms, enthused and excited to learn about the topic they are studying.
schools are credited by Ofsted by innovative teaching methods which may include enrichment programmes such as ours, possibly leading to improved future ratings.

* Commercial models may vary with some schools funding 100% and others seeking contribution from parents

Drama Hut Workshop Experiences

The majority of our workshops are history-based, either focusing on a period of time or an important historical figure. We have recently expanded our portfolio to include Creative WritingConfidence Building, Storytelling and Special Events, such as World Book Day and often write bespoke workshops for schools requesting specific topics such as the Suffragettes and WW1, now key workshops in our portfolio.

Lasting anywhere from 60 minutes, through to a full day, our carefully recruited, vetted and trained actors deliver memorable and engaging workshop experiences. Through improvisation, role play, music and carefully devised drama games, our professional costumed actors bring core subjects to life. These includie but are not limited to, The Ancient Egyptians, Mayans, Stone Age, Anglo Saxons, Vikings, Romans, Victorians, Florence Nightingale/Mary Seacole, The Great Fire of London, Suffragettes, Tudors, WW1 and WW2.  In addition our ‘Creative Writing – Engage and Inspire’ series, uses Fairytales, Super Heroes, Roald Dahl or Shakespearefor stimulus and is focused on helping children get really excited about writing.  All of our team have professional theatrical backgrounds, are seasoned performers as well as having experience working with children. All share a common passion for learning through drama, are DBS checked and implement The Drama Hut CPP (Child Protection Policy).

To view a full list of available workshops,  click on the ‘workshops’ button below, which will take you directly to our website. Alternatively, click on any of the pictures to sample an outline of a typical Drama Hut workshop.