Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2019-09-06T17:19:15+00:00
Which geographical locations do you cover?2019-09-06T17:02:44+00:00

London and Home Counties, Midlands, Manchester and some parts of Yorkshire. We are expanding our reach so please do email us your postcode and we will do our best to get to you!

What topics do you cover and how many can you deliver in a single day?2019-09-06T17:04:50+00:00

Please visit our website to see a full list of our current workshops. We also devise bespoke sessions – please contact us to discuss further. Typically, we can run than two topics per day, but do speak to us as we try to be as accommodating as possible.

How much space do you need for the workshops2019-09-06T17:06:35+00:00

As the children are very active during our sessions, we require the school hall or similar. Our workshops are not suitable taking place in a classroom and the children will not get the full benefit of the experience if they do not have the space to move around in.

What do you need from us, prior to your visit.2019-09-06T17:07:19+00:00

You will need to complete in full our Confirmation Booking Form which has all the information we will need prior to our visit. This will be emailed to you once a date has been confirmed for your visit. 

When do I need to book?2019-09-06T17:08:08+00:00

We can take bookings up to a year ahead. It is advisable to book one term in advance as this is likely to guarantee your preferred date. However, we are happy to take short notice bookings – as long as we have a facilitator available to visit you. 

How do I book?2019-09-06T17:10:30+00:00

Initially you will need to email us letting us know: 

    • A postcode for where you are located in order for us to check we cover your location. 
    • How many children / classes require a workshop. 
    • Which workshop/s you are interested in booking. 
    • Three options on dates.

    Once we have confirmed a date for our visit, you will be asked to complete a confirmation booking form which will be sent to you via email. This will need to be completed within three working days to secure your booking.

How many children can we have in a session?2019-10-11T21:18:05+00:00

We work with up to 30 children per session. 

Do the children need to dress up for the sessions?2019-09-06T17:12:15+00:00

It is not a requirement for any of our workshops, but we would encourage it as it does add to the enjoyment of the day! 

NB: Our Roman workshop does benefit from the children making their own shields prior to our visit as part of an art or homework project. Again, it is not essential, however the workshop includes Roman formations and shields do help the children get a better sense both physically and visually, of what it was like to be a Roman soldier!

What are the aims and objectives of a Drama Hut Workshop?2019-09-06T17:13:10+00:00

To encourage learning in a creative environment, bringing the curriculum to life and enabling children to experience a subject through active play, improvisation and drama- based games, complementing and enhancing classroom learning. Our workshops offer cross curricular benefits, cementing core skills such as, team building, public speaking, listening, and building confidence through performance. 

Do you bring historical artefacts with you?2019-09-06T17:13:49+00:00

No. As a drama company, we do not bring artefacts for the children to handle. Our facilitator is a trained actor dressed in costume, which provides the main stimulus for the session. Props and costume may also be used but our aim is primarily for the children to ‘experience’ the topic, through active play, improvisation and drama- based games. 

Are all of our facilitators DBS checked?2019-09-06T17:14:37+00:00

Yes, in line with our CPP which we can forward on request.

Are there any travel costs?2019-09-06T17:15:54+00:00

If you are within Greater London there are no fees. We will need to charge for some areas further afield and you will be notified prior to completing the confirmation booking form if this is the case. We appreciate budgets are tight, therefore try to keep additional costs to a minimum. 

Do we have to pay a deposit?2019-09-06T17:16:17+00:00

No. An invoice will be issued once your booking form has been received and all fees are payable on or before the day of the workshop/s. 

Is there a cancellation policy?2019-09-06T17:16:38+00:00

Yes. Please see out Terms and Conditions for further info, which can be found on our website or refer to our Terms of Booking document which will have ben emailed to you after your initial enquiry.

When do you arrive?2019-09-06T17:17:06+00:00

At least 20-30 minutes prior to the first session. 

Do you have a risk assessment?2019-09-10T11:56:14+00:00

Yes. Please see our risk assesment here.