Free ‘Taster’ Online Workshop 

Please join us and explore the possibility of us supporting your children’s learning during lockdown. 

“The Drama Hut were excellent in adapting the Stone Age session to children’s learning at home during lockdown. Organiser and actor were professional, full of ideas and very responsive to requests and suggestions. Highly recommended.” 
Yr 2 Hamstead Hill School May 2020

The Drama Hut are committed to helping schools ensure children remain connected and creative during this period of home-based online education. In the re-design of our workshops, we are able to offer support to the teaching of curriculum subjects in a fun and creative way. We have successfully piloted a number of our sessions directly to parents who have given us a unanimous thumbs up, along with their children!

“I think they are really good and I have learnt loads of different facts about different things from them and they are full of information. I think doing the acting is a good idea because it helps you remember things better, especially dates as they can be really hard to remember but I can remember them with the acting. They are also really fun to take part in” Madeline, Year 5

Thanks to the pioneering approach shown by the teachers and Year 2 children at Hampstead Hill School, earlier this week, we ran our first two workshops since lockdown and had the opportunity to witness first-hand, the benefit of our interactive learning model. This has renewed our energy and enthusiasm to approach you directly and invite you to see for yourself the contribution we can make.

“Exploring the Stone Age led by the archaeologist (Sally Spade). They  thoroughly enjoyed getting into character, dressing up and creating caves/dens. The live interaction was managed really well and the children felt they were very much part of the lesson.”
Hampstead Hill Primary School May 2020

Please join us for a free workshop which will run for approximately 30 minutes and provide you with an example of what your children will experience. There will also be time available at the end for any questions.
Great Fire of London Taster Workshop-Wednesday 27th May @4pm
The Stone Age Taster Workshop- Thursday 28th May @10am
If you are unable to join us but would like to register your interest, please email us on 
for further information 

Prior to attending an online workshops, children are asked to view a short video to prepare them for the session. If you are able to join us,  please do take the time to view the relevant video below.

Introduction: The Great Fire of London – A Baker’s Tale

Introduction: The Stone Age – Chaotic to the Domestic

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