Project Description

Meet Athena, the feisty favourite Goddess of Zeus. Let her bring to life some of the famous myths and legends that existed during this fascinating time and through drama, explore and experience life and work in ancient Greece.

During the session the children will:

  • Create images with our fast paced 10 second picture game, exploring the rich history of Ancient Greece.
  • Learn about famous Philosophers and Greek Gods and the importance religion played by playing “Guess the God.”
  • Discover famous myths and legends and recreate the story of King Midas.
  • Learn about the culture of Greece, and in particular the early Olympics and compete in one of the earliest running races held in The Olympic Stadium.

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Drama Hut have worked with our school on many occasions. Each time, the workshops have been well planned out- with teachers ideas in mind, well executed by very enthusiastic practitioners and have been thoroughly enjoyed by all children! Each workshop has engaged the children enormously, using original ideas that involve the children through practical games and activities. I would recommend this drama company to all schools.

Marie Hedges – Orlean’s Primary School

Grace was absolutely amazing and the children loved every minute, they will be talking about meeting, the Greek Goddess, Athena for weeks! The activities the children took part in were all great fun and they all wanted to be involved in everything that was being done!  I would definitely recommend this workshop to others.

Year 5 Owlsmoor Primary School