Project Description

Journey back in time to Anglo Saxon England in one of the famous Viking Longboats. With Astrid as their guide, through improvisation, song, riddles and movement, the children will begin to explore life during this fascinating period.

During the session the children will:

  • Play our fast paced 10 second pictures game, creating images of Anglo Saxon and Viking Britain.
  • Create a Viking longboat and understand more about why the Vikings came to our shores.
  • Play ‘Guess the God’, learning about religion and the important roles the Gods played in the life of the Anglo Saxons and The Vikings.
  • Using ‘Thor’s Hammer’, learn how stories were used to educate children.
Lillie’s session was absolutely brilliant. She covered everything the children needed to know about Vikings and was enthusiastic and engaging. She also adapted her lesson at short notice for one of our classes which have a high number of children on the Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD. The children responded really well to her and as a teacher I was really happy!

Adriana Edwards – Sir Martin Frobisher Academy

The children loved the workshop, especially when the actor told them a story which they then acted out. The costume was excellent also!

Yerbury Primary School