Project Description

Guided by Sally, our enthusiastic archaeologist, through movement, improvisation, role play and poetry, the children are invited to travel back in time to explore this fascinating prehistoric period, discovering how it developed from the chaotic to the domestic.

During the workshop, the children will:

  • Create pictures from ‘The Stone Age’ in order to get a sense of the start, middle and end of this period
  • In pairs explore and vocalise how stone age people may have communicated with one another
  • Using pictures for inspiration, create a Stone Age timeline
  • Through a Stone Age ‘Dragon’s Den’, discuss what would have been a useful invention of the time
  • Imagine life in a stone age settlement
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Drama Hut have worked with our school on many occasions. Each time, the workshops have been well planned out- with teachers ideas in mind, well executed by very enthusiastic practitioners and have been thoroughly enjoyed by all children! Each workshop has engaged the children enormously, using original ideas that involve the children through practical games and activities. I would recommend this drama company to all schools.

Marie Hedges – Orlean’s Primary School

The facilitator was very well prepared and had clearly researched the subject widely.  She was enthusiastic and engaging- it was an excellent overview of the prehistoric period.

Leominster Primary

The workshop was fantastic! The children were so engaged in their learning throughout and took so much away from it. Sally Spade was so engaging that the children were in awe of her. Not only that but Sally Spade even made it through the snow to run our workshop!

St Mary’s Slough March 2018

The children and teachers had the most amazing time with Lillie. It was an absolutely delightful way to introduce our new topic to the children.

Hampstead Hill School

“It was a great workshop! It excessed my expectations and helped children to understand abstract concepts such as timelines while enjoying drama and music. Thank you!”

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