Project Description

Travel back in time with the famous Lady with the Lamp and learn about her life, in particular the impact she had on nursing and the sanitisation of our hospitals.

  • Through pictures and tableaus create the Victorian period Florence was working in.
  • Travel back to the Satari hospital during the Crimean War and using improvisation, explore this challenging environment.
  • Become nurses and soldiers and with the help of Florence, think about their stories and experiences during the war.
  • Learn about Mary Seacole and attitudes surrounding her at that time.
  • Act out the story of Florence, using a poem for inspiration.

The children reached the end of the workshop and were so convinced that Kat was the ‘real’ Florence. It was only when they worked out that she would be nearly 200 years old that they realised that she was an actress.

Henry Hinde Primary School 2019

It was a fantastic day and all the sessions were thoroughly enjoyed by all the children. I would whole heartedly recommend this provider. Thank you!

Granby primary School, 2018.

There was such a range of activities within the workshops so all children were kept engaged and interested. It was not only informative but also gave the children the opportunity to participate in a range of drama activities to help them understand what it was like for Florence. I am sure that this will lead to some excellent writing over the coming days and weeks.

Echelford Primary School, 2020