Project Description

Our professional actor will lead the children on a fun exploration of ‘all things Shakespeare’, helping them to appreciate how exciting and accessible his work can be. Through voice exercises, storytelling, text work and improvisation, the children will be encouraged to free inhibitions and discover the confidence to perform his work!

During the workshop the children will:

  •  Prepare their voices for performance
  •  Discuss / be introduced to the story of Macbeth
  •  Explore Shakespearean text and the rich use of language
  • Create an atmospheric scene; physically and vocally
  • Look at characterisation using the witches from Macbeth
  • Develop a short performance piece
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Drama Hut have worked with our school on many occasions. Each time, the workshops have been well planned out- with teachers ideas in mind, well executed by very enthusiastic practitioners and have been thoroughly enjoyed by all children! Each workshop has engaged the children enormously, using original ideas that involve the children through practical games and activities. I would recommend this drama company to all schools.

Marie Hedges – Orlean’s Primary School