Project Description

“I trust that England will not forget one who nursed her sick, who sought out her wounded to aid and succour them, and who performed the last offices for some of her illustrious dead.” Sir William H. Russell.

Travel back in time to the 1850’s with Mary Seacole herself, to both remember and explore her life and work.

  • Watch Mary tell her story
  • By creating pictures, briefly explore the Victorian era to find out exactly when it was Mary was working
  • Through improvisation, travel to the Crimea and Marys Hotel for the wounded
  • With the use of role play, become a soldier or nurse working during the Crimea
  • Perform a poem about Marys life with song, action, sound and movement
  • Create a time line to place Mary Seacole firmly within a historical time frame

All staff and children fully enjoyed each workshop. Children left feeling they had met Mary. Teachers were impressed with behaviour management skills and how engaged she kept the children. It was fast paced.

Summerswood Primary School 2019

The Drama Hut - Mary Seacole