Project Description

Sally Spade, an enthusiastic archeologist and history enthusiast, has been asked to write an article for ‘Archeology Today’ about The Maya Civilisation. Who were they? How did they live and work and what were their beliefs? Travel back in time with Sally to explore this fascinating period of history.

  • Play our fast-paced 10 second picture game,  depicting life and famous structures during this  period.
  •  Re-create the story of “The Hero Twins” from the Popol Vuh.
  •  Explore Maya religion and the specific roles the Gods, Kings and Priests played during this period by playing ‘Guess the God’.
  • Prepare with music and dance, a ritual ceremony of a willing victim for human sacrifice!
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The workshop was absolutely brilliant. The actor was really engaging and managed to create a real sense of excitement even with the workshop being virtual. The use of the virtual backgrounds were really useful and helped the students to visualise Maya architecture and Maya Gods. The activities allowed students to be really creative and the workshop really bought our Maya study theme to life.

Grange Primary School May 21′