Project Description

During this workshop, travel with Rosa Parks to the 1950’s and explore how within America’s ‘Golden Age’, the injustices of prejudice, segregation and racism flourished, along with the growth of ‘The Civil Rights Movement’. Led by Rosa, the children will discover how ordinary people have been making a difference, by championing human and civil rights, throughout history.

  • Imagine an America of the 1950’s, through improvisation and role play
  • Act out Rosa’s story
  • Perform a poem
  • Discuss what sparks a ‘movement’
  • Create a ‘time line’ of ordinary people who have done extraordinary things
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“We found the workshop really engaging and both the staff and students loved it and found it really informative.  The interactiveness with the students to get them to repeat dates, learn the poem and act out meant they were always engaged with Rosa and a student said “I feel like I really know the whole of Rosa Parks life really well, it was like the real Rosa telling us her story”. The team also said that we thought it was great you touched on the current Black Lives Matter movement and also the other people (such as Claudette, Greta etc) as it gave the students a very broad insight into the topic.”
Into University on behalf of Year 6 Primary in London