Project Description

Meet Thomas Farriner, the King’s baker, from Pudding Lane, who survived the fire to tell the story of what happened during those three fateful days.  Discover with help from him and later Samuel Pepys,  the famous diarist of the time, what it was like to live in London before and after the fire.

During this workshop the children will:

  • Create 10 second pictures from the period.
  • Discuss quotes from Samuel Pepy’s diary and unravel their true meanings.
  • Act out a poem depicting the events of those three days during which the fire raged through London.
  • With movement and song, become the fire itself with dramatic effect and climax.
  • Debate with Samuel Pepys how the fire changed London forever and debate how architecture could be improved for the future.
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“The children loved the workshop! The actor was very professional and extremely enthusiastic. The children were engaged and really enjoyed using the range of props and taking part in different scenes from The Great Fire of London. Thank you!”

Rushmore Primary School 2020

“Anya was an incredible actor who kept the children engaged throughout the whole workshop. Her enthusiasm was amazing for the children and left them really excited about the topic. All activities linked brilliantly to the curriculum we had taught. Please pass on our gratitude to Anya.”

Canary Wharf College 2019