Project Description

During this workshop, the children will be met by Queen Boudicca, leader of the Celts.  And here our journey begins. During the session the children will explore various aspects of the Roman way of life, and have the opportunity to:

  • Play our fast-paced 10 second picture game to create pictures from this period of history.
  • Become part of the Roman Army and experience the importance the role of discipline and formations played in the life of a soldier.
  • Explore religious beliefs at the time and play ‘Guess the God”.
  • Discover the differences between a Roman and Celtic menu and choose their preferred dinner!

The whole experience of using Drama Hut, from beginning to end, was very professional. Emails were responded to promptly and gentle reminders sent (which is appreciated when school is so busy). Lillie did a fantastic job throughout her visit. Her engaging and friendly manner hooked the children from the outset and she managed to keep them (including some challenging children) engaged and focused throughout, particularly since it was an extremely hot day at the very end of term. The children were thrilled to be able to show off their knowledge and learning of the Romans and this session really allowed them to consolidate everything they already knew, alongside learning new and interesting aspects of Roman life. They have insisted on holding Roman drill and marching over the past two days, using the commands as taught by Lillie. They were full of praise for the session and it was a lovely way to end the term. Thanks to everyone in the office for helping to organise the visit but especial thanks to Lillie for all her hard and enthusiastic work.

Jenny Henson

Sutton Courtenay Primary School – Didcot