The Drama Hut – Risk Assessment

including current COVID guidelines, on-site and online workshops.

Review cycle: Annually or as required

Last reviewed: September 2020

The content of our sessions:

The Drama Hut works hard to ensure that the sessions are of the highest standard, and content is appropriate for the age group we are working with.

The Drama Hut works hard to ensure that the historical information we share with the children, is accurate and appropriate for the age group we are working with. The facilitator works in character and there is artistic license taken in the portrayal of historical figures. If requested, we can provide a more detailed breakdown of the workshop content, in addition to the overview on our website. We regularly monitor our workshops and facilitators, by visiting schools and observing sessions.

The space we work in (hall):

The Drama Hut requires a clear space to work in and at least one member of staff to be present at all times.

We work with a maximum of 30 children at a time, unless prearranged with the school. The sessions require the children to work practically and physically, often moving around the space alone or in groups, therefore we do not feel that it is safe or practical to increase this number.

To minimise the risk of injury, when a facilitator first enters the space they will check that all obstacles such as PE or lunch time equipment have been removed. They will also check that the floor is not wet or slippery. However, the provision of a clear safe

space is the responsibility of the school and we reserve the right to either request a more suitable space or the reasonable removal of obstacles before the session can begin.


Whilst on school premises The Drama Hut will adhere to the procedures put in place by the school, to minimise the risks posed by COVID19.

The Drama Hut Ltd. Registered in England and Wales Registration No.05420969 Registered Address: 34 Park Road, East Twickenham, Middlesex TW1 2PX.

Our sessions normally require the children to work practically and physically, often moving around the space alone or in groups, however during the COVID19 outbreak we recognise that adjustments may have to be made – during this time therefore and if appropriate:

  • Where possible, the children will be requested to work at least 1 meter apart (or in accordance to the most up to date guidelines)
  • When previously we have worked in groups of up to 30, groups must now remain in their learning bubbles of single class sizes or less.
  • Any props used by our actor the facilitator will not be shared with the children to avoid risk of cross contamination.
  • Instead of using shared spaces, such as a school hall, we will be able to visit children in individual classrooms to minimise the need for movement around the school site if necessary. We would ask when using individual classrooms that the spaces are made as clear as possible. Alternatively, workshops can take place outside, if the school site allows it.
  • Drama Hut actors will keep two meters away from adults and children wherever possible throughout their visit.
  • Drama Hut actors will clean their hands regularly, particularly after each class, after a break and before and after eating.
  • The Drama Hut will work alongside each school, agreeing to the best approaches for their individual circumstances including making each actor aware of the school’s health and safety risk assessment.
  • Any actor who shows signs of COVID-19, or lives in a household with signs of COVID-19, will be asked to comply with the government’s track and trace policies and self -isolation policies.

Please rest assured that we will be working with each individual school to make sure we comply with their COVID-19 related policies. Our top priority is to keep staff and children safe during our sessions.

Online Workshops

  • For live sessions the children must be in an appropriate room and have a good amount of light for the actor to able to see them. The room should as far as possible be a clear space for the children to work in. To minimise the risk of

injury it is the school’s responsibility to check that all obstacles have been removed and that the floor is not wet or slippery – the children will be moving around a lot.

  • All our actors have up to date enhanced DBS’s. It is also a requirement for teacher/s to sit in on all workshops and be available to assist the actor during the session.
  • When the session is being hosted via the Drama Hut’s Zoom platform, all necessary safety features required will have been activated.
  • It is the teacher’s responsibility to check internet connection and log in to the session at least 15 minutes prior to the workshop to ensure connectivity.
  • Please note that all sessions are recorded and held for 30 days for legal purposes. We may also record some sessions, for internal training purposes only.
  • We cannot be held accountable for any technology failure at the parent/care givers end. This includes (but is not exclusive to) if the audio cannot be heard clearly enough, if picture quality is very poor, internet connection is slow and patchy.

Adults and strangers:

We state clearly that we require at least one member of school staff to be present in the workshop at all times.

All our facilitators have up to date DBS’s and present a copy of this, together with photographic ID on arrival at the school.

It is the responsibility of the school staff to make sure all the children taking part in the session, stay in the hall/classroom during the session.

Fire and evacuation:

As visitors to the school, our facilitators will adhere to the school’s procedures and cannot take responsibility for the children.


There is an expectation by The Drama Hut that our facilitators and the work they do, will be respected by children and teaching staff alike. If children display inappropriate behavior, the facilitator will ask them to stop. If the behavior persists, we expect school staff to intervene. If any behavior makes it difficult for the workshop to continue as planned, the facilitator will end the session until appropriate action has been taken. If for any reason the facilitator feels that the environment is unsafe for them or the children, they have the right to end the session immediately and without notice.

We ask that staff make the facilitators aware of any additional needs particular children may have, either prior to our visit or on the day.