We spend time writing well-structured sessions to help enhance learning in the classroom. We employ professional actors with performance experience who, helped by full period costume, take the children on a journey to a different time and place. We regularly watch our sessions on site, to ensure that best practice is being met and often make changes and improvements based on our own observations and constructive feedback from teachers which is sought after each session.

Everything from The Stone Age and The Ancient Egyptians to The Suffragettes and Rosa Parks. We also have Creative Writing sessions, workshops exploring Friendships and Resilience, Eco systems and Space! We have specific Christmas sessions, an introduction to Shakespeare and many, many more!

“Yes, absolutely. A few of our current sessions were originally developed specifically for a particular school, such as The Suffragettes, Creative Writing, Rainforests and A Victorian Christmas. We are also able to extend, remove or add, specific sections of a workshop to further achieve learning objectives.

“Any opportunity for children to go outside of the school environment on a visit, is both valuable and exciting and should be encouraged. However, when budgets are tight, and with barely enough teaching hours to facilitate a growing curriculum, bringing an experience into school, maybe a favourable option. The time and resources spent on travel and extra staffing, when taking children out of school, are a major consideration when looking for an activity. All we require on the day, is a large space to work in and just one member of staff to be present, our actors will do the rest! There is certainly room for both options, it really depends on a school’s needs, budget and nature of experience required.

“Our workshops are suited to KS1 and KS2. We often deliver the same session across the whole school: working from reception to Year 6. Here we adapt the delivery to suit each year group, so although the children will be taking part in a Roman workshop, the year 1 children will be getting a slightly different experience to year 6!

Our online workshops are delivered live by professional actors and as with our on-site sessions, offer a fully interactive experience, enhancing learning in a creative environment. They are structured in the same way as an on-site visit and have the advantage of utilising the benefits of technology – in particular, virtual backgrounds, enabling our actors to transport children back in time, to any era or location. Online workshops afford us the luxury of being able to use any of our fantastic actors up and down the country even if there are none in your specific area. We are increasingly being asked to visit schools abroad, working in countries as far away as Saudi Arabia, China, Australia, The Netherlands, and The Falkland Islands! It’s a real joy to watch the likes of Mary Seacole, Florence Nightingale and Amelia Earhart tapping on a computer screen uttering the words ‘this is amazing, I’m talking to you through a screen’!