Project Description

The Suffragette movement has been formed and the members are working tirelessly to secure equal rights and the vote for women. The date is 1912 and today, Sylvia Pankhurst is due to speak at a Rally where she is delighted to see so many supporters there to hear her!

During the workshop, the children will:

  • Learn about the origins of the suffragist and Suffragette movement
  • Explore opposition to the movement and what was done to counter this
  • Create a timeline of relevant events that led women to get the vote
  • Learn a song sung at Suffragette gatherings
  • Attend a rally, where they will sing, chant, march and generally join the good fight!
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The bespoke approach of the Drama Hut was fantastic. They were, as a business, incredibly helpful and communicative every step of the way. It was nice to formulate ideas with them for the needs of our school. I would recommend and use The Drama Hut in the future.

Luke Halpin , Ainsley Wood Primary London

This workshop was absolutely excellent, I couldn’t recommend it enough. The actor brought the story of the suffragettes to life in a way which was immersive and fun, but also had really clear learning outcomes. Our students ended up using the call and response (oh dear, what could the matter be…) and the deeds not words chant in their final performance on the Friday. It was clear that the messages had really sunk in and had a profound effect on the children. The actor was so energetic and delivered every section so smoothly. She also did a great job of navigating anachronistic or silly answers from students while staying in character. Thank you so much!

Year 6 teacher Tower Bridge Primary,London