Travel back in time with Rosa Parks to the 1950’s and explore how within America’s ‘Golden Age’, the injustices of prejudice, segregation and racism flourished, along with the growth of ‘The Civil Rights Movement.

During this workshop, the children will:

  • Explore what America was like in the 1950’s, with our 10 second picture game

  • Through improvisation, act out Rosa’s story and discuss what sparks a ‘movement’

  • Create a ‘time line’ of ordinary people who have done extraordinary things

  • Act out Rosa’s story and perform a poem about her life

What people are saying about this workshop:

“The actor was engaging and informative, and did a brilliant job of bringing Rosa Park’s story to life. We also appreciated the inclusion of the Black Lives Matter movement to have a powerful discussion with young people about racism in today’s society, in which the discussion was facilitated in a sensitive and age appropriate manner…. The content covered added huge value to our programme and enabled students to explore some big issues in a really immersive and effective way.”

Sarah - Teacher, St Peters CoE (IntoUniversity)

“The children enjoyed learning about the history of the civil rights movement using drama and other performance activities and showed a high quality of retention of interesting facts and details. As staff, we appreciated the activities that focus on empathy and understanding and helped to to add to learning objectives for the week around diversity and inclusion.”

Viknesh - Teacher, IntoUniversity Hackney Downs

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