The year is 1354 and Ember Whitby is revising royal etiquette before starting her new job as a maid in service to King Edward III. Join Ember as she takes you on a journey exploring colossal castles, meeting noble Knights and avoiding the petrifying plague!

During this workshop, the children will:

  • Play our 10 second picture game exploring Medieval Britain.
  • Learn a medieval dance
  • Create a timeline showing significant events from the years 500AD – 1066 AD
  • Sing a song about the Plague

  • Act out a poem about King Canute

What people are saying about this workshop:

“Thank you so much for the workshop today. I got tired just being there! The enthusiasm was great and could tell all the children really enjoyed themselves. I felt it was pitched just right and there was a really good balance of them listening but then up on their feet. I also thought the right amount of information was given and the level of drama was great.”

Olivia - Teacher, Claremont Fan Court School

“The Drama Hut were amazing, very helpful and accommodating while we were making the arrangements for the workshop to take place. The actor who came was excellent with the children and kept them engaged at all times. She was very informative while also making the workshop fun and exciting. We will use The Drama Hut again for future workshops in our school.”

Hannah - Teacher, Isaac Newton Primary

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