Meet Athena, the feisty favourite Goddess of Zeus. Let her bring to life some of the famous myths and legends that existed during this fascinating time and through drama, explore and experience life and work in ancient Greece.

During this workshop, the children will:

  • Create images with our fast paced 10 second picture game, exploring the rich history of Ancient Greece.
  • Learn about famous Philosophers and Greek Gods and the importance religion played by playing “Guess the God.”
  • Discover famous myths and legends and recreate the story of King Midas.
  • Learn about the culture of Greece, and in particular the early Olympics and compete in one of the earliest running races held in The Olympic Stadium.

What people are saying about this workshop:

“The children LOVED acting out the myth King Midas and the Golden Touch. They can still remember it and have used it to help them to write their own Greek myths! We also had parents evenings on the same week as the workshop and so many parents mentioned that their child could not stop talking about the workshop and how much fun they had there. Thank you very much!”

Miss Lee- Year 5- Teacher, Christ Church C of E Primary School

“Teachers and children found it very informative about a lot of different elements of Ancient Greece. It was very engaging and the children enjoyed the drama performance of the myths!”

Teacher, Broadacre Primary School

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