Travel back in time with the famous Lady with the Lamp and learn about her life, in particular the impact she had on nursing and the sanitisation of our hospitals

During this workshop, the children will:

  • Recreate the Victorian period within which Florence was working
  • Travel back to the Satari hospital during the Crimean War and using improvisation, explore this challenging environment
  • Discover what it might have been like to be a nurse or soldier during the war
  • Learn about Mary Seacole and the prejudice she faced at the time
  • Act out the story of Florence, using a poem for inspiration

What people are saying about this workshop:

“The children enjoyed “meeting” Florence and taking part in the role play scenarios. The workshop was brilliant! It was a great way to engage the children at the start of our topic. The actor was wonderful and really brought Florence to life.”

Year 2 Teacher, Westgate Hill Primary Academy

“The children really enjoyed the session and it was something that, as a school, we would not have been able to deliver. Every child left the session with an increased knowledge of Florence Nightingale. We enjoyed the practical nature – bandaging their teddy bears and being able to act out parts of Florence Nightingale’s life.”

Lauren, Year 2 Teacher, Hurst Park Primary School

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