The Suffragette movement has been formed and the members are working tirelessly to secure equal rights and the vote for women. The date is 1912 and today, Sylvia Pankhurst is due to speak at a Rally where she is delighted to see so many supporters there to hear her

During this workshop, the children will:

  • Learn about the origins of the suffragist and Suffragette movement

  • Explore opposition to the movement and what was done to counter this
  • Create a timeline of relevant events that led women to get the vote
  • Learn a song sung at Suffragette gatherings
  • Attend a rally, where they will sing, chant, march and generally join the good fight!

What people are saying about this workshop:

“One of the children described it as “the best morning I have EVER had!”
The workshop was so interactive and informative and fit perfectly into the curriculum and with the learning we have already done.
The children had a perfect mix of being able to proudly show off what they have already learned and to learn new dates and key information to further their learning.”

Year 6 Teacher, St Williams Primary- Bolton

The workshop was amazing! It’s even made us think about how we can alter some of our teaching to be more like you!

Rebecca- Teacher, Arc School Napton

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