An enthusiastic amateur writer, Sally Spade, is keen to share her love of stories and in particular graphic novels. How do they work? What’s involved? Can anyone create one? With the help of some well-known Superheroes, Sally takes the children on a journey of discovery into the world of storytelling.

This session has been devised to engage and inspire boys, in particular, who may need some encouragement to find the writer within, but works equally well with all children. The session can also be adapted to encourage self confidence and sense of worth – helping children to find their own superpowers within.

During this workshop, the children will:

  • Discuss what makes a good story
  • Learn how a story can be structured
  • Look at characterisation
  • Explore story telling through mime
  • Create and perform their own version of a superhero tale

What people are saying about this workshop:

“I would definitely book this workshop again next year, I was really impressed with the amount of content in the short time, well done to all involved it really was super!”
Mrs Khan- Teacher, Lovelace Primary School

“The Drama Hut were amazing, very helpful and accommodating while we were making the arrangements for the workshop to take place. The actor who came was excellent with the children and kept them engaged at all times. She was very informative while also making the workshop fun and exciting. We will use The Drama Hut again for future workshops in our school.”

Hannah - Teacher, Isaac Newton Primary

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