Guided by Sally, our enthusiastic archaeologist, through movement, improvisation, role play and poetry, the children are invited to travel back in time to explore this fascinating prehistoric period, discovering how it developed from the chaotic to the domestic.

During this workshop, the children will:

  • Create pictures from ‘The Stone Age’ in order to get a sense of the start, middle and end of this period
  • In pairs explore and vocalise how stone age people may have communicated with one another
  • Use pictures for inspiration to create a Stone Age timeline

  • Through a Stone Age ‘Dragon’s Den’, discuss what would have been a useful invention of the time
  • Imagine life in a stone age settlement

What people are saying about this workshop:

“We enjoyed exploring the Stone Age led by the archaeologist (Sally Spade). The children also thoroughly enjoyed getting into character, dressing up and creating caves/dens. The interaction was managed really well and the children felt they were very much part of the lesson.”

Anne - Teacher, Hampstead Hill School

“The kids so enjoyed the session— it was lovely to have something a bit different, and coming from someone other than their teachers for once! Obviously it’s been a strange year and our enrichment opportunities are limited, but a workshop like this makes such a difference in really consolidating the children’s learning. The actor was brilliant in engaging the children even though she was online, and she obviously went to a lot of effort to put together set, costume and backgrounds. We asked The Drama Hut to tailor the workshop to relate to our local history and they were able to incorporate this in a fun way!”

Jessica - Teacher, Barnes Farm Junior School

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