Meet Boudicca, leader of the Celts. In a bid to outwit the Roman Empire, this warrior will engage your children in a quest to discover the secrets of the Roman army.

During this workshop, the children will:

  • Explore the differences between the Roman and Celtic way of life

  • Become part of the Roman Army and experience the importance the role of discipline played in the life of a soldier
  • Explore religious beliefs at the time
  • Experience the difference between a Roman and Celtic menu and choose their preferred dinner

What people are saying about this workshop:

“The actor was unbelievable! So knowledgeable and enthusiastic. For her to still be as enthusiastic for the afternoon session as she was for the morning ones was nothing short of miraculous, and the children benefited so much from this at the end of a really challenging term… We enjoyed the formations using our Roman shields.”

Teacher, Crosfields School

“They all enjoyed various different elements. I think that was what worked so well, they were active for the most part but equally there was something for everyone throughout the day. I’d say the freeze frame, Guess the God activity was great fun and they all enjoyed the Roman Army formation activity to. A great day, engaging for children and adults alike. The childen were active and engaged throughout. Top job, will definitely book again when I am onto the next topic I can match up.”

Beccy - Teacher, Widmer End CC

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