Travel back in time to the 1850’s with Mary Seacole, to both remember and explore her life and work. Listen to her story and experience life as a nurse during the Crimean war.

During this workshop, the children will:

  • Explore the Victorian era and Mary’s place within it
  • Through improvisation, travel to the Crimea and Mary’s Hotel for the wounded
  • With the use of role play, become a soldier or nurse working during the Crimea
  • Remember Florence Nightingale
  • Perform a poem about Mary’s life with song, action, sound, and movement
  • Create a timeline to place Mary Seacole firmly within a historical time frame

What people are saying about this workshop:

“This session was truly fantastic. It was such an amazing, immersive experience and my Year 6 children were enthralled. The actor was so knowledgeable about Mary Seacole and was able to answer the children’s questions to a very high standard. She also handled the topic of discrimination sensitively and in the children responded well to this. We will definitely be booking again! Thank you very much.”

Cassie - Year 6 Teacher, The Carlton Junior Academy

“The actor was amazing today! We really enjoyed all of the workshops and all of the children (and staff) were engaged and excited to learn all about Mary Seacole. Please pass on my thanks to her. She was such a lovely lady and absolutely fantastic with the children. We had such a good day.”

Jemma -Teacher, Widmer End Combined School

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