Meet Margery Horsman, a Maid of Honor in the royal household of King Henry VIII. Being in service throughout Henry’s reign, she is somewhat an expert in court etiquette and certainly has a tale or two to tell.

During this workshop, the children will:

  • Create images from the period, including a royal banquet, a game of jousting and a gory scene of crime and punishment
  • Learn a traditional ‘Pavane’ dance often performed in Henry VIII’s court
  • Explore the politics and religious beliefs of the time and how they affected key players during Henry’s reign
  • Through performance and poetry, learn about the six wives of Henry VIII

What people are saying about this workshop:

“The children absolutely loved the actor and found the whole workshop engaging and fun. The children were engaged with the freeze frame activities and loved that the actor came in to music and in full character. The staff were incredibly impressed with her professionalism and politeness. We would recommend her again anytime.”

Teacher, The Westlands Primary School

“The cover teacher and all the pupils have not stopped talking about how marvellous the actor was and what a fantastic time they had. Having a few ADHD pupils in the class, I thought the activities were well planned to engage them and keep them moving. Thank you so much for your brilliant service. The children loved the practical elements such as making the Tudor rose with their bodies and the dancing.”

Abigail - Teacher, Mount Pleasant School

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