Meet British nurse Edith Cavell and discover her incredible acts of bravery in helping soldiers in World War One. Through War-time song, poetry and drama explore the war with us.

During this workshop, the children will:

  • Explore the reasons young men and woman were so keen to join up and support their country.

  • Learn a song from the period and look at what purpose it may have served.
  • Create a timeline to place World War One in a historical context

  • Explore the life of British nurse Edith Cavell who helped soldiers fighting on both sides of the war

What people are saying about this workshop:

“All the children could access the activities and were engaged. They genuinely had a fantastic time which meant that there were no behaviour issues. I enjoyed being able to relax and observe the children from a different perspective. This allowed me to just have fun with them. They loved everything about it – even singing the wartimes songs with actions. They didn’t really realise they were learning so much.”

Rachel, Teacher, St Barnabas CEP School
“Lillie was absolutely amazing! She managed to set the expectations with a pretty challenging group very early on and this was essential to the success of the workshop. We especially loved the workshop because she consistently tested their knowledge about WW1 throughout.”
Tiah, Teacher, Walworth Into University

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