Learn about Ita Ekpenyon a Nigerian teacher and actor and the only known black WW2 Air Raid warden in the United Kingdom during the blitz.

During this workshop, the children will:

  • Create images of life during WW2
  • Understand the need for rationing at the time
  • Learn a popular song to rally the troops and keep spirit’s high
  • Discuss diversity during the war
  • Perform a poem written by Oku, Ita’s daughter

What people are saying about this workshop:

“Drama Hut have worked with our school on many occasions. Each time, the workshops have been well planned out- with teachers ideas in mind, well executed by very enthusiastic practitioners and have been thoroughly enjoyed by all children! Each workshop has engaged the children enormously, using original ideas that involve the children through practical games and activities. I would recommend this drama company to all schools.”

Marie Hedges – Orlean’s Primary School

Marie, teacher, Orleans Primary School

“From the seamless booking process to the event itself, it is an absolute pleasure to deal with The Drama Hut and I can’t wait to book our next workshop. Thank you to Carys, Lillie and all the team: you have made online learning so much more fun!”

Aimee, Teacher, Sara Village School

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